This Is Not A Boring Press Release (even though it looks like one)

June 25, 2015by Word SmithBlogNews



June 26, 2015 – New Orleans, LA – We’d like to introduce you to Reign Creative Co., a high-impact creative brand, web, and tech solutions company in New Orleans. All of “the experts” say we should send out a press release to announce our sweet, new business. But we know most people don’t read boring press releases, and Reign likes to do things … differently. So, here’s what we’re going to do: We’re gonna make this look like a press release, and we’ll throw in some important words to make it sound like a press release, but really, we’ll just have a little fun introducing who we are, what we do, and how we work.

We make it look pretty.
Kelli Binnings, Creative Director + Partner, is a brand and design maven, photographer, and a fiercely competitive ping pong player. Her favorite book is the Pantone® Color Guide and beautiful packaging makes her absolutely giddy.

We make it sound pretty.
Colleen Rush, Creative Director + Wordsmith, is a writer, editor, author, traveler, and food nerd with more than 20 years of editorial and copywriting experience. She can spot bad grammar and misplaced apostrophes a mile away.

We make it fun.
Tim McTee, Experiential Production Designer, is a full-fledged, light saber-swinging event ninja who can turn a plain white room into a soccer field, a swanky cocktail bar, or a velvet rope VIP experience. He’s big, bald, and tons of fun.

We make it work.
Leigh Landeche, DevOps + Partner, is … well, let’s be honest, we made up Leigh’s title because we think it involves high-tech black magic and results in outstanding website development, SEO and digital marketing world domination, and all sorts of coding and IT wizardry. We just let him do his thing and try not to ask too many dumb questions.

Our mission statement: Do what you love, we’ll take care of the details. You didn’t start a business to devote all of your spare time creating a website or designing a logo or fretting over SEO (which, admit it: you had to Google the first time you heard it). That’s where we come in. Our team works behind the scenes to take your business from branding to launch and beyond so that you can focus on what matters: growing your business.

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