Great brand design: 3 mistakes we’ll never make

July 31, 2015by Word SmithBlogDesign


Bad design is easy to find. Just Google it. If you’re looking for great brand design in New Orleans, we can make this promise to you, our current, potential, and future clients: we promise, no matter what happens, we’ll never make these three mistakes:


Hippie Hieroglyphic? Whatever it is, (#1) we’ll never use this font, or anything like it. Because certain fonts, no matter how “interesting,” just don’t belong anywhere, not even a 2-year-olds birthday party invite, much less your business’ website, blog, logo, or business card.

Speaking of great fonts: your brand is more than a font. Developing your brand means creating a voice, a style, a feeling, an instant experience – it’s about creating an emotional relationship or connection with your audience. There’s a bit more involved in developing a lasting, meaningful brand than selecting a font and writing your business name in it. At the same time … (#1.5) we’ll never overdesign your brand. We operate on a “less is more” philosophy. A simple, well-planned, authentic design has a lasting impact.


(#2) We’ll never let a good idea that goes terribly wrong go … public. It’s been at least seven years since someone flagged this good-idea-gone-wrong logo, and when you Google this company’s name, it still pops up. Of course they changed the logo years ago, but it doesn’t matter. Because nothing ever dies on the Internet.


(#3) We’ll never let artistic creativity trump good, common visual sense. This one kind’ve speaks for itself, but it bears reinforcing: we review your business from every angle before we develop your brand. This is where it pays to have hardcore design and copy nerds like us working for you. We ask a lot of questions, we do the research, and we gather far more information than you’ll ever actually see on your website to help us understand everything there is to know about your business: your values, your history, your audience, your long-range vision and ideas for growing your business. We want to know your business (almost) as well as you do – this is how we help you take your business from branding to launch and beyond.