New Orleans experiential marketing: Reign’s resident ninja explains what it is (and what it isn’t)

August 5, 2015by Word SmithBlogDesign


* Before we get to the part about New Orleans experiential marketing, do us a favor: if you ever have a chance to meet Kelli Binnings, that ball of energy, light, and laughs who makes everything pretty for us at Reign, ask her to pronounce the word “experiential.” It’s the cutest thing ever. Love our girl from Thibodaux.

Listen, we love a good koozie. We’ve got nothing against koozies. According to a totally unscientific poll of Team Reign’s executive leadership, we have approximately 673 koozies between the four of us – and that’s kind’ve the point. When you’ve got koozies emblazoned with everything from bachelorette party dates to the theme of your 7-year-old niece’s birthday, you’ve gotta wonder about the effectiveness and ROI (ick, that word) of handing out yet another koozie with your business’ name on it.

Is your audience really interacting with your brand, or are we just grabbing blindly at a pile of koozies and jamming a beer in it as we head out the door to enjoy some other engaging activity or experience?

Sometimes, you’ve gotta think beyond the swag.

This is where experiential marketing comes into play. In a nutshell, experiential marketing creates a closer bond between your audience and your brand by engaging them in a fun, memorable experience. It’s not about selling them something, it’s not about making them want to buy something. It’s just your brand, out there saying “Hey!” — in a way that jives with your brand’s philosophy.

Of course you can give them a koozie – everyone loves koozies, and we’ll never say no to one, either. But what if you set up a koozie-making kiosk in the middle of the French Market and let people design their own koozies on the spot? That’s experiential marketing.

Our experiential marketing ninja, Tim McTee, has years of experience building amazing, engaging events – from branded VIP rooms for A-list celebrities to fun, interactive displays designed to amuse and entertain the masses. (He also owns nunchucks and a metal detector, in case you’re curious about this awesome fella.) Here are a few of his favorites:

Mission: Impossible? Making the worst travel day of the year … FUN.

Canadians. So clever. Who knew?

Imagine your brand cooling off the crowds in New Orleans…

Truth: One member of Team Reign would still be clinging to that climbing wall. #fraidycat


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