New Orleans social media – we get it.

January 18, 2016by Word SmithBlog


You know the saying, “Doctors make the worst patients”? We’ve got a bit of that going on with Reign’s New Orleans social media strategy. We’re so busy takin’ care of the bizness, developing social media strategies and creating engaging, new campaigns for clients, doing the same work for ourselves sometimes feels like a luxury we can’t afford. Noodle on Facebook and dream up fun memes all day? Yes, please! Digging into New Orleans’ social media scene is a riot – when you combine the unfiltered creative minds and offbeat culture of this city, strange, beautiful, hilarious things happen. But we’re facing the upside/downside of being a fast-growing creative agency in this town. We’re each wearing a few hats as part of startup company team, trying to strike that perfect balance between going above-and-beyond working for our clients and maintaining our own creative, fun brand and New Orleans social media presence. But it’s important for us to show people what we do when we’re on our own dime and clock, and have the creative freedom to do what we love 100% our way.

So, we’ve vowed to make 2016 different; to take the time to have fun with our own brand, to show off the quirky, creative, oddball sense of humor and sharp design and technical skills our li’l krewe of misfits possess. So far, the Reign New Orleans social media strategy means drinking beers at The Bulldog, Mid-City, and trying to out-do each other’s snarky Carnival season ideas. So far, it’s been centered around the King Cake Baby. Here’s our first (of several) in-house memes – stay tuned for more posts on our Facebook page & Twitter. And if you’re looking for clever, interesting ways to reach people through social media in New Orleans, you know where to find us.